30 minute writing sprint – Gardiner (cont.)

Screenshot_2014-05-14-11-58-10_20140514121433303_20140514173736813This past month has kind of been a blur.  I’ve done my work for the project:  collected data, created a spreadsheet template, and entered it onto the spreadsheet.  I had some exams and passed them.  I do need to keep my GPA up to keep my scholarship, so I need to do some of the extra credit work the professors offered. Continue reading


Gardiner Hall – another sprint


The nightmares are coming more fast and readily. It’s getting harder to distinguish what is true and what’s a dream. I end up running down the halls here at Gardiner, across Erasmus campus, in my classes, hearing the gun, seeing the blood, then seeing the banister crack, the living room, the halls, I don’t want to sleep and yet it seems to be all that I do.

I want to call David because he knows what happened and can fill in the gaps, but he’ll tell my parents and I don’t want them to know that it still haunts me. Continue reading

Gardiner Hall continued-another 30 minutes


Holidays are the only times when I can count on pleasantness and enjoyment. I’m looking forward to the turkey and the mashed potatoes–I love mashed potatoes. It will be nice to have real potatoes instead of those boxed flakes I make in my dorm. My mouth waters in anticipation.

BANG! Crap. I hope this little plumbing exercise doesn’t spoil anything. At least I have some reading and a paper to write if I need to go off by myself. I can’t believe that I’m thinking about schoolwork, but anything to keep my mind busy.

Ellen is walking by as I get to the bottom of the stairs. “How are you feeling?”

“Oh, okay, you know.”. Ellen’s really nice and doesn’t really make sense amongst our family. She’s a middle-classed, down-to-earth, “salt-of-the-earth” type person–definitely not our norm. But I’m glad David met her. He deserves to be happy and deserves so much more than… this. Continue reading

Fairy Tale Continued


Pranja and her daughter, Ciara, were mocked and bullied by the townspeople. While most people considered them witches, many also knew of Pranja’s insight and healing arts and would venture out to her house for help when they were in desperate need, and Pranja would help them, for a price, of course.
This history and knowledge did not stop the spread of tales of the wicked witch who lived in the woods who devoured children whole for sustenance. Other stories were told
that claimed the witches killed family members who never returned from journeys in the woods or who returned with some foreign pox that caused the family member’s death almost instantaneously upon return from their journey. This explanation was considered plausible and then seen as truth since superstition still abounded in the kingdom and if these witches could cure people, they could certainly kill people as well. Continue reading

Fairy Tale – 30 Minutes

Screenshot_2014-05-15-23-18-48Once upon a time, around the time of other once upon a times, there lived a young king and queen on a hillside. The land was known as Calderia for reasons that no one in the current day and age could remember. The young king and queen were unable to conceive a child and therefore had no heir for their kingdom. They tried every method known by the court’s advisors and other wise men to no avail. The king was willing to make a pact with the kingdom of Arasnis who already had an heir that if no children were born in Calderia and Arasnis. Queen Arina said to her husband, “I know this is a sensible solution, but I think I shall die of heartbreak if I do not have a child of our own.” King Makram replied to his wife, “You surely won’t die of heartbreak. If we are not meant to have a child, we are not meant to have a child. It is simply God’s will that a new family should reign over Calderia.” “But to be alone in this castle…” “We will never be alone as long as we have one another.” “If I cannot bear a child, I would like to help the townspeople with the care of their children. It must be hard to work and care for their children and I want to use every part of my heart to love as deeply as I can.” “I know how deeply your heart reaches, my love, and I will support you in any of your decisions. I don’t know how your offer of help will be received because of my father and my father’s father…” “You are not your father or his father and you have proved this to your people many times over by your actions. They know your heart is noble and true.” “I wish I could trust that truth as well as you can.” “We are one and trust in my faith that you are loved by all who know you.” “And those who don’t know me?” “Allow me to be your ambassador. The people will see that I can’t love the way that I love if I am not loved in return by the core of my heart, which is you.” “You may go, but I will send a guard with you. And promise that you will not go into the dark forest.” “I do not need a guard, but I will take it for your sake. And I’ll never go near the dark forest.” Arina kissed her husband and prepared for a journey into town.

Continue reading

Gardiner Hall – 30 minute writing


BANG!! His head split the banister as he fell backwards… And the blood smear… And… How did I end up there?… And really, more importantly, how did I end up here? Some sleepy suburban campus on the outskirts of Boston… This foliage-laced dormitory known primarily for its rousing pre-basketball rallies and it’s field hockey victory parties in the quad. I’m not exactly a “jersey” type of girl… Well, after last fall… I’m not exactly sure how I got here. Continue reading

Taming of the Shrew Intermezzo Drinking Song

How I Met Your Mother “Definitions.” All Rights Reserved

LYRICS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, please contact me for all permission 


Written for 2013 Female-Centric production of The Taming of the Shrew Purchase here.

Grumio, Katerina, and Petruchio get muddied up while singing:

Pet.-They now think I’m crazy
Kat-Not crazy like they think
Pet-We’ll travel home and plot of course
Gru-And have another drink
Kat-We’ll dance until their dizzy and their wits are out of place
Pet-Their eyes will cross and they’ll be lost
Pet & Kat-And we will have some space

Since lying is our strength
And lute and lyre please them so
We will lie and lye together
Til their lies become our show

Grumio: Now is the time to have some fun and unravel all the coils
We’ll twist and cut and bake the binds until their wills all boil
Our mark around them in and out will pluck and clip their souls
When they awake they’ll spin and shake and clearly see their mohel (pronounced mole)